Precise Match Blood Products

Precise Match blood products, i.e., extended antigen-matched for the common clinically significant antigens, provide clinicians with an exceptional tool to ensure donor-patient compatibility. NCBGG Precise Match products enhance patient care for patients:

  • With warm autoantibodies or receiving monoclonal therapy when compatibility cannot be determined by routine methods
  • Facing chronic transfusion to limit alloimmunization complications
  • Experiencing hemolytic reactions or decrease red cell survival following transfusion
  • With hemoglobinopathies, other congenital anemias, bone marrow failure syndromes, and malignancy
  • Multiple alloantibodies, antibodies to high-prevalence antigens or antibodies against antigens for which typing antisera are not available

Our DNA-based testing provides more results for less cost and provides more information for uncommon and rare phenotypes than traditional serologic testing.

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