Comprehensive Antigen Profiles

Multiply transfused patients are at increased risk of becoming alloimmunized and for hemolytic transfusion reactions. The risk is also elevated for multiparous women who are more likely to develop antibodies from contact with paternal antigens. We provide testing that generates detailed antigen profiles on patient and donor samples, rapidly detecting genotypes for accurate prediction of phenotypes:

  • ┬áTesting for a wide range of genetic variants affecting red blood cell antigen expression
  • Automated array imaging
  • Computerized data management
  • Identifying the most relevant red blood cell or platelet antigens in a single assay
Blood GroupRed Blood Cell Antigens
RhC (RH2), c (RH3), e (RH5), V (RH10), VS (RH20)
KellK (KEL1), k (KEL2), Kpa (KEL3), Kpb (KEL4), Jsa (KEL6), Jsb (KEL7)
DuffyFya (FY1), Fyb (FY2), GATA (FY-2), Fyx (FY2W)
KiddJka (JK1), Jkb (JK2)
MNSM (MNS1), N (MNS2), S (MNS3), s (MNS4), Uvar (MNS-3,5W), Uneg (MNS-3,-4,-5)
LutheranLua (LU1), Lub (LU2)
DombrockDoa (DO1), Dob (DO2), Hy (DO4), Joa (DO5)
Landsteiner-WienerLWa (LW5), LWb (LW7)
DiegoDia (DI1), Dib (DI2)
ColtonCoa (CO1), Cob (CO2)
SciannaSc1 (SC1), Sc2 (SC2)